Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Compliance Experts

Steigers has over two decades of experience navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment including numerous projects involving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which regulates interstate transmission of natural gas, oil, and electricity as well as natural gas and hydroelectric projects. Complying with FERC requirements for a new or existing project can appear daunting, complex, and never-ending. This is where Steigers’ experienced managers and scientists provide relief.

The world of FERC may seem foreign to most; however, Steigers’ staff is fluent in the language of “FERC-ese” and the FERC process. We work with our clients to provide guidance and oversight for new and existing projects from start to finish.

FERC Experience

  • Licensing & Relicensing Process
  • Pre-Application Document Preparation
  • Assessment & Management of Environmental Impacts
  • Scoping Meetings & Planning
  • Environmental Studies
  • National Environmental Policy Act
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • License Amendment & Non-Capacity License Amendment
  • Managing License Compliance Requirements

Systems for Navigating the FERC Process

Steigers’ expert managers and scientists have developed methods and tools to easily track stringent regulatory schedules, responsibilities, and procedures regardless of project complexity. Our experience includes coordinating with engineers, contractors, FERC representatives, agencies, and special interest groups to find common ground and solutions. We have the technical capabilities to complete the field evaluations, studies, and reporting required to support the array of biological, social, land use, and regulatory issues that must be accounted for during the FERC process.

Technical Capabilities

  • Water Quality
  • Botanical & Terrestrial Resources
  • Fisheries & Aquatic Resources
  • Threatened & Endangered Species
  • Wetland Delineations & Mitigation
  • Waterfowl Studies
  • Raptor Safety Standards & Mitigation Plans
  • Soil & Sediment Investigations
  • Environmental Regulatory Management
  • Health & Safety Plans

Taking Care of Our Client’s Needs

Steigers is a proactive consulting firm that looks forward to identifying solutions to overcome the potential and often daunting regulatory requirements, schedule constraints, and limitations a client may face for a proposed project. FERC-regulated projects not only require knowledge of the guidelines within FERC but also the knowledge and understanding of federal, state, tribal, and local regulatory and compliance requirements. Strong technical capabilities and the knowledge and experience to assemble and analyze supporting environmental data are paramount to effective regulatory compliance. Steigers can provide an in-depth level of regulatory interpretation that is crucial for planning, project development, implementation, and success.

Identifying Solutions for Success

Steigers is accustomed to working in a world of varying and often conflicting interests. We are frequently called upon to find the necessary balance between development of new projects and maintenance of existing projects to meet growing energy demands and the coinciding federal and state mandates for conservation of our natural resources.

Success for our clients is attributed to Steigers’ technical skills and capabilities, attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to develop and maintain relationships. These skills facilitate effective communication among the owner, agencies, and other interests to keep project momentum and schedules moving forward. Effective communication allows for collaborative efforts to advance your project, uphold critical milestones, and comply with FERC, as well as other federal, state, and local regulations.