Water Quality

Water Quality Services

Water resources throughout history have been a primary driving consideration in land use and commercial development. Water can be limiting or seemingly limitless but it is always a critical component of natural resource planning, management, and project decision-making. Steigers Corporation has the scientific and engineering skill and the practical experience to ensure that the relationship between water quality and your project goals is mutually beneficial.

Steigers Corporation staff utilize a combination of highly accurate site-specific data, current scientific and technological approaches, and an invaluable depth of experience to develop water quality plans and solutions tailored to your specific project goals and objectives. Our approach in all cases is to develop solutions for our clients that provide the greatest degree of flexibility, are uncomplicated, cost effective, and are easy to implement. Simplicity comes from experience.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Clean Water Act Compliance
  • Underground Injection Control
  • State Water Quality Compliance

Analysis and Allocations

  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Toxicity Studies
  • Water Interactions
  • Water Right Evaluations

Water Quality Services

  • Mixing Zone Analyses
  • Modeling
  • Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Water & Wastewater Management
  • Aquatic Systems Assessments, Rehabilitation & Design
  • Aquatic Habitat Planning

Client Focused Solutions

Steigers Corporation’s depth and breadth of experience has consistently resulted in success for our clients. Experienced senior staff and expert technical support allows us to quickly develop solutions to the complex technical demands of water quality. However, a solution to a water quality issue is only valuable if it produces a preferred outcome for the project. Experience has taught us to work diligently to ensure we understand what is important to you, and only then will we have the information needed to represent your best interests. All solutions are not created equal.

Regulatory Approvals & Compliance

Our staff have prepared regulatory approval and compliance solutions for facilities of all sizes with a focus on matching the solution to the demands of the region and the demands of the client. We have a thorough and practical knowledge of current water quality environmental regulatory and technical requirements, which is imperative to the development of the best solution to meet your specific objectives.

Steigers’ water quality regulatory approval, compliance, and management expertise includes all facets of industrial and commercial wastewater discharges including power generation, food processing, mining, oil and gas, and construction wastewater. We have accumulated the career-long expertise necessary to evaluate project-preferred water and wastewater requirements, characterize discharges and receiving waters, assess risk, identify and negotiate suitable discharge compliance requirements, and implement reasonable monitoring procedures in a streamlined and effective manner.

Regulatory Expertise

  • Wastewater Discharge Planning
  • Effluent Characterization
  • Receiving Waters Characterization
  • Mixing Zone Analyses
  • Compliance Negotiations
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Quality Assurance Plans
  • Section 404 Compliance
  • Section 401 Certification
  • NPDES Compliance
  • State Water Quality Standards
  • TMDL Studies
  • Impact Studies & Mitigation
  • Site Remediation

Water Quality in Environmental Planning

The Steigers Corporation team of scientists has the collective expertise in fisheries science; aquatic ecology; aquatic chemistry; hydrology; hydrogeology; and wetland, riverine, and limnetic systems, to bridge the gap between water quality and environmental planning. Effective environmental planning demands not only this scientific expertise but also the experience to identify relevant information and apply it correctly to the present or potential future conditions unique to your project site. The Steigers team exemplifies the expertise and experience that your project demands.