Electric Power Transmission

Transmission Line Permitting & Environmental Services

Whether it is maintenance of existing equipment or development of new infrastructure, electric transmission projects typically require a substantive level of regulatory compliance and a qualified team to implement an effective permitting solution. Steigers Corporation understands the complexities that are associated with transmission projects and our primary goal is to provide clients with a streamlined environmental compliance program.

Steigers has an experienced staff of environmental scientists, senior project managers, and regulatory experts who have the skill set to successfully navigate a transmission project from conception to completion, as well as provide ongoing environmental program compliance oversight and management.

Transmission Support Services

  • Preliminary Project Fatal Flaw Analyses
  • Environmental Baseline Data Collection
  • Alternative Route Identification & Analysis
  • Federal/State/Local Agency Coordination
  • Public Involvement & Outreach Plans
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance
  • Federal & State Permitting Processes
  • Mitigation/Habitat Banking
  • SWPPP & Stormwater Management Plans
  • Weed Management & Revegetation Plans
  • Avian Flyway & Migratory Bird Impact Analyses
  • Resource Impact Mitigation Plans
  • Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • Facility Response Plans (FRP)

Comprehensive Approach

Our experience has provided us a consistent observation of transmission projects: organization and management of project details is paramount to our clients’ success. Transmission corridors and infrastructure traverse varying habitat, land use, and land ownership. This diversity of conditions results in the potential for a large number of environmental, recreational, cultural, and political issues that must be identified in early project phases. We manage the details of a complicated transmission project in close coordination with the owner and the design engineer to efficiently integrate compliance with design for a successfully completed project.

Dynamic Regulatory Changes

Historically, the permitting approval process for transmission projects has been inefficient and cumbersome to such a degree that project developers have become wary of initiating a project including those that would be beneficial to regional energy consumption demands. As a result, regulatory and political leaders have been actively developing a streamlined regulatory approach to provide more reasonable approval timelines and cost-effective projects. Steigers Corporation maintains a working knowledge of these current regulations and guidelines, ensuring that our permitting efforts are reflective of the most expedient processes.

Transmission Project Support

Steigers Corporation implements an open-communication approach to managing the regulatory component of transmission projects. We have found that aggressive preliminary coordination with public/private landowners and stakeholders will significantly benefit the project schedule. Our siting methodologies provide a systematic identification of potential project-related effects and disturbances, which allow us to determine appropriate resolutions that will best meet the demands of all stakeholders.

Routing and Site Selection

  • Feasibility Study
  • Public Outreach & Meetings
  • Develop Conceptual Routes
  • Identify Environmental & Land Use Constraints
  • Identify Regulatory Requirements, & Timelines
  • Line & Substation Siting Studies

Pre-Construction Corridor Studies

  • Private/Public/County/Municipal Involvement
  • T&E Species Inventories
  • Wildlife Studies
  • Special Land Use Designations
  • Invasive Plant Species Management
  • Aesthetics, Recreation, & Cultural Resources
  • Wetland/Waterway Delineations
  • Biological Assessments

Post-Construction Monitoring and Mitigation

  • Environmental Site Inspections
  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Biological Monitoring & Reporting
  • Mitigation Plan Implementation
  • Adaptive Management Strategies