Senior Air Quality Engineer / Scientist

Written by Steigers Corporation on November 15, 2014

Senior air quality engineer/scientist to participate in a range of environmental consulting projects including power generation, chemical/process, mining, and oil and gas. Contributes to and performs a variety of multi-media evaluations by virtue of a technical specialty acquired through the wide variety of past project experience necessary to attain this level of advancement. Demonstrates excellent project planning, task management, and task execution on complex and multi-faceted industrial development projects including coal, natural gas, and biomass-fired power plants and process/manufacturing industries. Demonstrated project management skills, including in-depth understanding of scope, schedule, and budget management; team management and coordination; client management; subcontractor management, and the effective coordination of multi-faceted, complex, long-duration projects. Has exceptional written and verbal communication skills and extremely high-quality written work products meeting company requirements.

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