About Steigers Corporation

About Our Environmental Consultant Business

What is Steigers Corporation?

Steigers Corporation is an environmental services firm offering comprehensive solutions across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Founded in 1993 by Dr. William Steigers in Littleton, Colorado, Steigers Corporation has expanded to include offices in several states.

Steigers Corporation provides unique value in the construct and presentation of its written work products. It is of utmost importance that every document we produce be thoughtfully fashioned and finely tuned to achieve its objectives.

Trust resides at the foundation of our client relationships. We believe in advocating upon the client’s behalf, guarding and protecting client interests in all matters in which we are given responsibility.

Who Comprises Steigers Corporation?

Steigers Corporation is an assemblage of highly-skilled environmental specialists, whose collective goal is to provide effective and forward-thinking solutions. In bringing together the best available talent from across the country, we offer our clients an environmental All-Star team where efficiency and excellence is the standard applied to all.

Technical Capabilities

Steigers Corporation provides a wide range of environmental services related to development and permitting of industrial projects. Our focus on quality, top-end talent and critical thinking are brought to bear in resolving issues and streamlining permitting processes. Steigers Corporation takes the “operator” view when developing permitting documents in order to avoid inclusion of unnecessary, overly-burdensome, or difficult-to-comply-with conditions and to maximize the effectiveness of funds spent for compliance. Steigers Corporation strives to populate our teams with senior, experienced personnel who can carry out the work in an articulate manner without false starts.